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Yes it's that time, the venue is booked and now you have to find the 'perfect' invitations to set the tone of your wedding or party/social event. Have you found yourself searching online and in-stores and no luck? But  you know what you would like, but for some reason you just haven't seen it as of yet, we completely know the feeling.

We offer online wedding invitations, social invitations, and custom invitations. Our invitation collections are comprised of elegant and beautiful invitations such as save the dates, engagement, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, religious celebrations, and holiday cards. You can view our wedding invitation collection and social invitation collection, choose your favorite design, customize it on the spot, and receive your proof for FREE and on the spot (no 24-48 hours waiting time). Once you are finished, just hit the check out and receive your invitations within 3-7 business days.

Our custom invitations are for everyone including brides, event planners, corporate planners and anyone planning a special occasions. Our custom invitation are for our clients who are searching high and low and are unable to find the "one" or the "perfect" wedding or social invitation. Our Custom invitations are designed to your liking and not designed without you in mind. You can take all the things you love about invitations and make your own by choosing your paper, design, printing method and embellishments such as pocket folds, ribbons, and more. 


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i love life and would't change it for the world!

Hi! Welcome to my little sweet spot. This is where I get to introduce myself to you! My name is Nikisha and I am the wonderful lady who makes sure your vision comes to life for your custom social and wedding invitations. Here is a little tidbit about me...