5 Starting Tips to Wedding Planning

Feeling a little stressed and the planning hasn't started as of yet? Not sure how to handle all of this planning in such a short time?

Our team at Inviting Treasures has come up with just a tad bit of ideas to help you on your way.  

Five Areas to focus on with wedding planning:

  1. ·       Date & Venue
  2. ·       Guest List & Wedding Stationery
  3. ·       Photographer / Videographer
  4. ·       Catering & Flowers
  5. ·       Transportation


Date & Venue

Wedding Venues

All weddings - cheap and cheerful or big-budget extravaganzas - have things in common other than two people falling in love and getting hitched; they all need a wedding date and a venue!

Date: First step is choosing your date. Is your date the first time you met, when you became an official couple or just the next available date the venue have available?

Choosing a date is important and it is completely up to you and your partner. If you would love a date which has sentimental meaning, do your best to schedule the venue 12-18 months in advance, especially if during a national holiday.

Venue: Weddings are often planned a year or more in advance because of venue popularity.  If you have a venue in mind and would like to increase the chance of setting the date for you which is sentimental, make sure to plan a year or more in advance. One of New Jersey's high in demand locations is the Natirar Mansion, this beautiful and elegant venue is almost fully booked for 2018 weddings.

Whatever type of wedding you desire, the more planning time you have, the closer you’ll get to your ideal wedding without compromise. Your date and venue are key - everything else flows from there.


Guest List &  Wedding Stationery

Wedding Invitations

Guest List: Start gathering names and addresses. The first step is to either send emails or phone calls (ask your parents or siblings to help here) requesting your guest addresses. Once you have them, place them in our special excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet format is perfect for the printing of your envelopes and more.

Wedding Stationery: Let your guests know the when and where. An Engagement Party or Save-the-dates are great informal ways of announcing your upcoming celebration. 

Once you've made the announcement, let us assist in your wedding invitations - whether it's from our online wedding collection or fully custom design.  Remember your wedding invitations will set the tone for your special day. If you are not sure where to start, feel free to book a 15-minute call for our assistance. 


Photographer / Videographer

Wedding Photography

Like good venues, the best wedding photographers/videographers (like Nigel Alfred Photography) are in great demand and get booked quickly.  With date and venue confirmed you can confidently secure the services of your preferred photographer and videographer.  Another box checked off your wedding list


Catering & Flowers

In searching for your venue, make sure to ask these questions:

  • Does your venue provide staffed catering and bar services?
  • Does your venue offer linen or any other décor services?

If they offer these services, is it a requirement to use the in-house services or can you bring in your own preferred service if their service isn't in align with your quality?  Make sure you ask these questions ahead of time to ensure you don't learn the answers after making your non-refundable deposit.

Florist: Oh flowers, one of the special touches people misunderstand. Flowers have a way of changing the complete look of any space, all while creating a magnificent aroma. There are different types of florist, retail florist (place an order and get it the day of) or florist who specializes in creating a theme or concept just for your vision. When shopping around ask questions like:

Wedding Florist
  • What flowers are available in the season of your wedding? The more available the better pricing.
  • Ask the florist if there are any additional fees other than floral fees, like equipment rental fees (vases, stands, etc.).

We have worked with a fantastic florist who has done beautiful work, check her out at Floriography Floral Design.








Wedding Transportation

Transportation is always the last thought in wedding planning. But it is as important as all the other areas mentioned.

You and your partner have to get to the venue somehow and why not go in style be it a Corvette or a classical vehicle. Other than planning transportation for the wedding party, are there any wedding guest staying at a hotel and will require transportation as well?

Make plans for charter or party buses for your out of town guest.

Overall, the wedding date, venue, guest list, stationery, caterers, florists, and transportation should be booked well in advance. The sooner you book these services, the more options you have in your choosing.

Please Note: These five areas are not a comprehensive or even linear wedding planning guide, but are a reminder of the major areas to focus on when planning your wedding.