Get inspired by: An “out of this world” children birthday party

Children Space Party Theme

Hosting a far-out birthday bash for your space-crazed little man is a piece of cake with these adorable party ideas.

Kick off the party in style by inviting your guests using this alien-inspired Far Out Invitation, personalized with your favorite photo of the birthday boy. For extra fun, ask your guests to dress up for the party in a space-themed costume or add star-shaped confetti inside the envelope before sealing.

Bring all of the wonder and dazzle of space to the party décor with these easy DIY ideas:

  • Healthy alien snacks: Trade in the typical sugary treats like cake or cookies for this one-eyed snack. They’re healthy, fun to eat and easy to make! Cut up apple slices (Granny Smith gets our vote) and spread peanut butter on one side of both slices. Then, put the slices together and add peanuts for teeth. The more odd-shaped, the better! Top the treat with a giant marshmallow and add an “eyeball” in the center using a dot of melted chocolate.
  • Personalized napkins: Birthday parties are for fun, and for being messy! Stock up on green napkins to match the rest of the space décor and add another personalized detail to your party.
  • Monster cups: Show the kids (and adults, too!) how to make their own monster drinking cup. It’s simple entertainment! Provide colorful paper cups and self-adhesive googly eyes, and let guests create their masterpiece. Don’t forget to write each guest’s name on the cup.
  • Colorful name cards: Serving a meal or sending your guests home with gift bags? Mark their spot with simple place cards or name cards decorated with yummy candy sprinkles. Use frosting or edible paste to attach the sprinkles, just in case the kids eat the candies.

Carry the theme and colors through the rest of the party by using green tablecloths, orange crepe paper streamers, and googly eyes sprinkled on the tables for added decor. Guests will have a space-tacular time!