Last Minute Stationery - Programs, Menus, Place Cards, Oh My!

The day is approaching and it seems to be approaching, quickly. Invitations went out, RSVPs are back in, and now it is time to get the day of stationery completed. Here are some ideas of some of the day of wedding invitations which makes the day go smoother. 

Ceremony & Reception Programs

Ceremony programs are great for providing your guest with the ceremony outline, thanking your bridal party for taking this time to share this special moment by acknowledging them and thanking your parents and treasured guest for witnessing your special day. Programs are also great especially when serving an actual purpose, fan programs are great for outdoor ceremonies in the summer.

Why consider a program? - A program of service is a great way for guests to follow along with your wedding ceremony, especially if you are asking for their response or participation. It's a great way to introduce and inform guests about your bridal party and their relationship to you.

Menu Cards

Menus cards list your beverages, food choices, and desserts being served at your reception. Allows your guest to know what to expect.

Why consider a menu? - A menu is a great addition and allows you to nicely present to your guest their dining experience. Everyone is not a beef or chicken lover, let them know what is available and if they would like to pass, they can share this with the catering staff.

Place/Escort Cards


Here is a little 411 on escort cards and place cards have different purposes:

  1. An escort card informs your guest which table they are seated. When they arrive at the table, they can take any of the seats available.
  2. A place card informs your guest the exact seat location. In other words, your guest is seated at table 7 and their seat is at the head of the table. You will put their place card with their name at seat location advising them this is their seat. In using a place card, you would use it in conjunction with a seating chart to ensure your guest find their table and seat location/

However, more or less you are looking for escort cards, so your guest can be directed to the table you would like them to be seated.

Why consider a place/escort card? - If you would like guests to sit at a particular table and/or place setting, place/escort cards are the best stationery piece to use, especially in minimizing any confusion or challenges on your wedding day.

Table Numbers/Names

Table numbers/names are used to indicate the table where guests are to be seated.

Why consider table numbers? - Table numbers/names are a functional stationery piece in providing the table your guest is assigned. However, table numbers/names are a great way to have fun by using a theme or adding your personality to the reception. 



Napkins are great for the cocktail hour, a time for your guests to nibble on tiny appetizers and sip delicious beverages. They add personality and a unique touch to your big day with your creative personalization. 

Why consider napkins? - Napkins are great for the cocktail hours and you can personalized them with your personality (fun themes) or even with your menu options.